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Mazumgumzo ya Shairi


Mazungumzo Ya Shairi is a poetic conversation between two writers Gameli Tordzro and Nancy Ndeke, that explores Gameli Tordzro’s concept of Treasured Opportunity, Mutual Enrichment and the phenomenon of Memories with Foreword written by Maysura Asher Farzia.

The Ghanaian poet and storyteller Gameli Tordzro and his Kenyan friend poet and teacher Nancy Ndeke respond to each other’s poems delving deep into an explorative conversation. They explore real life experiences of treasured opportunities, enrichment and memory. The book captures a concentrated and in-depth conversation in a poetic dialogue rarely published. The Gameli Tordzro and Nancy Ndeke lead the way into a new poetry genre: 'African Conversationist Poetry'.

“There is something wonderfully reassuring, almost comforting, about the pace and rhythm of this collection. It starts gently, tentatively, as the authors introduce themselves to one another and slowly become acquainted through exchanges of emails and a meeting in Kenya. But the mutual respect and synergies of work and thought build quickly, through conversations about the ways in which their paths have come to cross and moments of mutual enrichment."

Heaven Crawley

"... a remarkable anthology of poetic conversations between two kindred souls separated by continents, yet united in spirit. Gameli and Nancy’s co-creation offers a kaleidoscope of emotions and themes, and calls for a departure from hate and human disconnect. It treats life and loss, separation and belonging, crime and forgiveness, and of futures lost and new beginnings with the deepest of experience and compassion. But amidst all this, the overarching  idea this book leaves you with relates to courage, strength and the power of memory and remembering. This book is bound to move you.

Slow down, read it with care and you will be rewarded with new depths of insight into what we sense, and how we sense and co-create with others.”

G. Harindranath

The Book Cover Image of Mazungumzo Ya Shairi

the Adinkra Poetry Series

Volume One: Funtunfunefu Synched

“These evocative poems stir the heart to act, to reflect, to love well, and to stay free against all odds. The collaborative spirit that moves this collection of interweaving voices can serve as a model for future creative and scholarly work across continents, borders, and experiences. Every page houses a lyrical display of hope, honesty, sanity, and vision that nourishes my own courage to work for a more just, more vivid human future in our time.”

— David Gramling, Associate Professor of German Studies, University of Arizona / USA

“The Adinkra symbol Funtunfunefu represents two conjoined crocodiles fighting over the food these creatures are destined to share. In this new collection, Gameli Tordzro has assembled multiple poetic voices in response to such folly – suggesting alternatives to our persistent failure to acknowledge human interdependency. The poems are dynamic, written in transit, bridging gaps between languages, cultures and generations, breathing in and breathing out. They recount struggles, linger over silences, capture flashes of anger, transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Together, these texts constitute an elegy to those values and qualities whose importance we underestimate at our peril: gratitude, kindness, curiosity, faith, friendship, hope… Here, throughout these 101 poems, is a reflection on difference and sameness, on laughter and sorrow – on our entangled, synchronised lives.”

— Charles Forsdick, James Barrow Professor of French, University of Liverpool. AHRC Theme Leadership Fellow, 'Translating Cultures' Member of the Academy of Europe.



Senanu Adzo Tordzro talks about how she began writing and the experience of discovering herself and a 'Vessel' and the process of expressing that through spoken word and how that translates into becoming a published poet whose challenge is a combination of how her poetry is heard, seen and read.


Maysura Farzia (Mayo) talks about her writing experience and on becoming a poet.

Conversations with Senanu Adzo Tordzro (Audio)

Welcome to our conversations and our experiences

"We connect to create and create to connect". Senanu recounts her writing experience on the Vessels project at the Beacon Theatre in Scotland, 2015 and 2016. She reflects on how the process of being involved in the workshops, creating expressing totally transformed her in the period of 10 days.

Conversation with Maysura Asher Farzia Audio

Maysura reflects on her experience of contributing to Funtunfunefu 'Synched' and how she rediscovered herself on her journey of become a published poet.

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