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ADINKRA SERIES VOLUME 2 AYA 'The Resilient' is coming soon.

'AYA' is the Adinkra symbol for endurance and resilience depicted by the fern, a hardy plant that grows in difficult places. The symbol thus, is a reflection of the experience of many endured adversities, outlasting protracted difficulties and flourishing in spite of such adversities and protracted difficulties.

28  selected poets have  are  interacting with  each  other  to  create original work  drawing on the theme of Aya (resilience)  for Anthology.

Look  out  for  Aya  ‘The  Resilient’  in  April  2020

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OUR FIRST ANTHOLOGY FUNTUNFUNEFU 'SYNCHED' was launched very successfully on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at The GLAD CAFÉ in Glasgow. Look out for a Ghana launch in Accra in the month of March 2020

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Each week, on, we feature a writer as poet of the week, showcasing their writing and short bio, audio and or video performance. Please scroll down to see our featured Poets of The Week This Week's Poet of The Week id Nigerian Poet Star Okpeh


Star Okpeh Poet Of the week 30/03/2020



It was in Africa that we first began to hear the Negro speak of Rivers.
It was in Africa far long ago that Zambezi told the farmers blessing in years to come.
It was in Africa that our Fathers understood the mystery of the land And Nature.
It was in Africa that songs were heard by night. 
Love to brighten the light.
It was in Africa that my mother first saw the label of Woman between her thighs.
It was in Africa my brothers learnt to talk. To dance and follow after the waist of the Tapper's daughter.
It was in Africa.
In Africa it all began.


There is a river in my stomach
          Calmly drowning
as the night owl travels across the land.

There is a street inside my head
            A city in my eyes
                I am bound
     Like a captive that is free.e


Star Okpeh is a Nigerian Writer and Poet. Miombio's 'Review Princess' of African Poetry 2019 and multiple online award winner for poetry. 

Star has great interest in music, drama and community service. She is the 2019 reviewer of the K & L Prize for Literature Anthology, Author Of The Dance Of Dawn, Volunteer at The African Writer's Development Trust and former Judge at Poetry Planet Publishing House, Philippines. 

She is recently announced Columnist at Konya Shamsrumi, Africa's first ever poetry press. Star is an undergraduate of English Language at the University of Abuja, where she writes about literature and life as a definition of culture and its ways.

Rosemond Ama Nyansafo

rosemond Nyansafo (Ama Rose) poet of the week 09/02/2020

Class Assignment

The Crossroad  Called Classroom


about my learners

When they hold their pens and sheets

To venture into a world so undecided 

if only they could find their feet

Their beautiful hearts; quake 

at knowledge

They sit and stare

So I calm their troubled souls 

filled with confusion

And erase their innocent souls 

engrossed with illusions

They are mine

And I am theirs

They hold their trust in the words I speak

While I tame their ignorance in a way so meek

Life gave us a path

And we met at a crossroad 

A crossroad called a classroom.

AmaRose  02/2020

Nine years ago as an amateur teacher, I gave my class an assignment on their favorite colours and why they love it.  It was a creative art assignment aimed at making them embrace the artistic side of life while thinking was purely a research based assignment.  The next morning, I was in class calling out for my assignments  I  noticed one boy with red puffy eyes through his thick lens... I assumed he was having yet another problem with his eye so I didn't bother asking(I've learnt not to assume stuff for students).

Fast forward, reading and marking my assignments, I came across an exceptional work with the student describing every detail about his color; its history, its association with nature and why it is his favorite color.... Unfortunately, this brilliant work was cancelled and another written on the next page. The second one wasn't as good as the first, it looked like a copied assignment lacking the honesty and originality the first had.

I left the second work unmarked and marked the first with my comments.

The owner of the write up was my little red puffy boy.I called him at the end of class and interrogated him."My friends say, it's a color for girls and I would grow up like them if I choose something belonging to them" . "They called me stupid because I had chosen the color (pink) to be my favorite".s creative and humanly instincts were kicking and were ready to explode after listening to him.

Following morning, I read a long educative and inspiring write up about my favorite color which was "black" and how my Sunday school teacher thought I was going to hell fire for choosing the devil's colour

I explained to them color was gender-less and it was a matter of choice and appreciation of one out of the different shades of nature.  Class got the message.

I made "red eyes" read about his favorite color not only in the class but at the school's speech and prize day.After the reading, I was the one with red puffy eyes


Rosemond Nyansafo (AmaRose) is a teacher by profession, She say “ I a poet by passion and a woman by nature”. AmaRose turned 28 years old in February 2020 and has been in active teaching for 11 years complemented by being a reading coach for the Kathy Knowles Children's Library, a librarian and an active member of the Readers' and Writers' Grotto in Accra Ghana.

Rosemond studied Educational Psychology while in the University of Cape Coast and has undergone several educational and writing workshops to aid the quality of service she provides in the classroom. She is an avid reader, a fictional writer and an educationist.

I believe God was the first artist as he brought the world into being through poetic words aided by a touch of his divine paint brush. My view is that nothing is impossible if it can be tried...

Rosemond looks forward to a world where students would be able to grasp the meaning of art and use it to their advantage to solve societal problems


Clifford Benjamin Oppong Poet of The week 29th Nov. 2019

Are You Leaving?

are you leaving? 

i flowed carelessly on the brown walls

of st. francis of assisi hospital. 

i put my tears in holy books 

and hoped that a smile cracks 

to announce the presence of life. 

i stepped into the ballroom 

i tried to belong to music and dance 

i pretended to be a man without memories. 

i walked barefooted on dry leaves 

i mimed the lyrics of the dirge my footsteps made. 

i forgot those whose names i borrowed. 

i stepped into dirty waters 

i held on to everything nearer 

i mentioned words in different sounds 

only to realize all 

i did was- just turning syllables 

around and round. 

your eyes brought my voice out 

finally there was still the need 

to ask you 

are you leaving me, Casandra?

About Cliffor


Oppong Clifford Benjamin is a Civil Engineer by profession and multiple award-winning Ghanaian writer. 

He has authored a collection of short stories titled The Virgin Mother and Other Short Stories. It was published by Forte Publishing in 2017 in Monrovia, Liberia. Clifford's award-winning debut collection of poems titled 'Collecting Stars From A Night's Sky' was published by Poetic Justice Books & Arts in Florida, U.S.A. 

His poems have appeared in KWEE Magazine and Portor Portor, both in Liberia; Ghana Writes Literary Journal and myjoyonline in Ghana; Brittle paper, Kalahari Review and WRR in Nigeria; Blog Nostics and Vagabondcity Lit both in the USA; the UK online poetry library; Poetrybit in India and many other journals. He has read his poems at literary events in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Norway, Rwanda, Germany and Russia. 

In 2013, the WRR poetry honoured Oppong Clifford Benjamin as the Ghana Poet of the year. In 2019, his debut poetry book won him the 3rd place in the poetry category in the grand GAW literary awards. He has been invited to teach poetry writing in Universities and High schools in Ghana and Nigeria. He has participated in writing workshops in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa. 

Clifford is the founder and executive director of Ghana Writes Literary Group. The fastest-growing literary company in Ghana. Well known for its ghost-writing service. 

Clifford is also a young leader and Pan-African. He was instrumental in the formation of the Afrika Youth Movement. From which organization is the current Youth Envoy to the AU, Ms Aya Chebbi. 

Clifford seizes the least trace of opportunity to mentor and coach young writers like himself struggling to make a living out of writing. Some of his works can be found on You may follow Clifford on Facebook:


Daniel Kwame zah Poet of the week 10th November

Daniel's Poem: Goodbye To Yesterday

I want these words of mine   to live to the test of a new generation
At least to ease and give them  a relief when time keep slipping by on them
I’ve written this on the canvasses of life
Drenched in hurdles, pains, sweets, bloods and tears
Of the ancient people in retrospect
May they contain these bunches of my moral respect.

Once upon a child on exile,
Is no new word in this narrow way of life
Because they say hard work pays for the cost
And photos of the past keep   reflecting in my mind.
I am on this exile like a pedestrian stack on a high city road  searching from the biographies of epitomes of success.
Yet to reconcile
What wrong have I done?
Life is wicked
Something must be wrong somewhere
Life is just stupid

I was told paddle your canoe  to your desirable destination
But mine remains me on this amputated road,  what sacrifice do I need to offer?
At least to see success waving hands of goodbye
May be to see the lands of the city  and those beautiful sweet women people do talk about.
I just need to travel
May be over the see
For someday, I might respond to “Efo Woezor”
For it will be beautiful for the villagers   to gather and celebrate my glories too.
This life is just a matter of time
Sanity will someday knock this high density of life’s immaturity
Everything will make sense,
No matter the weight of life’s miserable dimensions
But wait a minute!
No matter the muddy rocks we walk through,
Life will just be fine.
Let’s just embrace a new day and be happy to say  


About Daniel

'SEFASHI' is Daniel Kwame Zah's pen
He is a Ghanaian young Poet and Playwright whose focus is to heal the society around him with words and arts. He is currently holding the youngest World Poet Laureate awarded by a Philippines based poetry organisation (PENTASI B WORLD POETRY FAMILY-2018). 

Sefashi which becomes a household name has been featured on both National and Private Televisions and Radios to display his acts of performing poetry. He is currently a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism. 

Video of Goodbye Yesterday

Check out this great video



Two Poems By Mawusi


my soul
if you are done mourning the night, 

bring yourself now to the light
ere the Sun goes down,

my soul,
if you are done dancing the shadows 

bring yourself now to a rest
ere you fall to your rest,

oh my soul,
if you have wandered the dream land, 

bring yourself now to reality
ere you forget your name,

my soul,
if you have been bitter, 

if you have been lonely,

if you have been lost,

bring yourself 

now to a sanctuary 

breathe in the bluesy air,
and go to sleep,

for you're tired, 

and Soul needs rest 

to win another day



This is the last song I sing 

The last of my entertainment 

I have my suitcase
I haven't let a dirt near shoes.

I want to look back

Take a peep, 

bade my friends goodbye 

I won't

There is no time to spare

Train to Freedom,
Is Coming now at me
I should gaps for air, 

pinch me to life 

If this isn't a dream.

So long now my friends,
Worry not, 

For I shall pray for you 

That I will be free of you

Free from your clutches.

So no more 

Of my entertainments,

This is the last song i sing.
Take me away,
Far far away, 

Away to my home of freedom

About Mawusi

Doris Mawusi Amemo holds a degree on Psychology from the University of Ghana Legon. She started writing when she was 13 years old and enjoys reading, acting, singing and writing. She grew up in Obuasi and Kumasi in Ghana.

Mawusi believes in empowering others and enjoys the arts. "I get excited watching people playing musical instruments like the violin or perform in a ballet"

"My writing has improved tremendously" she hopes that through her artistic expression, others will find strength and happiness and the value of life.

Doris Mawusi's Train To Freedom

Check out this great video


Abigail Campbell Poet of the week 11th September 2019

Revolvers by Abigail Campbell

as humans 

    we should give

give to the land

give to the ones 

                we love 

give graciously and 


give to ourselves

           in times of need.

we all live on 

         one revolving world

the world does not

              revolve around us

we should sever 

               selfishness and seek 


better than that.

As humans 

    we should give

and give 

      all we have got.

AdinkraLinks met Abigail and her classmates in the 5th year English Class at St Paul's Catholic High School in Glasgow on the 5th of September. AdinkraLinks was in St. Paul's to deliver a writing workshop with the 5th year English class. Abigail's poem caught out attention. We are exited to share the poem Abigail wrote  during the workshop. Please welcome our Poet of the week Abigail Campbell.

About Abigail

My name is Abigail and I am a young high school student from Scotland currently studying Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Music. I like to write poems and songs when I want to clear my mind from the stresses of life or schoolwork, it helps me to relax. I love reading, writing, any form of creative expression and helping my friends. When I am older I hope to study medicine and become a psychiatrist to continue helping others with their lives.


Nancy Ndeke Poet of the week 28th August

AMAZON BURNS, Losers are Many

Losers are many 

            in the play fields of greed and corrupt under deals
Winners are few 

           in the board rooms where loot is shared 

           among baptized robbers
Its a world phenomena reaching its evil tentacles 

           to the remotest of villages
In earnest search of minerals, 

           logs and virgin farmlands
Man has gone beyond mad 

                                 into a demonic euphoria 

caring not at the consequences of his myopic view

We import corruption, 

              we export corruption
We buy with corruption, 

          we sell with corruption
We defend with corruption, 

               we deliberate with corruption

So we marvel 

              at the blaze consuming the earth's lungs
With natives scampering 

                   with tails between their scorched thighs
We spin tales 

            taller than lying tongues to justify the scum
Who said you get away with a lie to nature?
Natives may die and your farmland you get
How about when rains fail and your crops die?
How about invasion of earth by excess carbon?
Will gold and mighty logs give you 

a gallon of oxygen 

for you as you lay suffocating 

                           in your ill gotten mansion?

Amazon burns today

We, all, without exception 

shall burn tomorrow
The price of greed is paid by the future

Amazon burns today

We, all, without exception 

shall burn tomorrow
Unless you stand to say 

no to the massacre of 

OUR collective heritage.

Nancy Ndeke.
@ August 2019 

About Nancy

BIO and PIC.

NANCY NDEKE is a Poet of international acclaim. A reputable literary arts consultant and a distinguished Literature Scholar. Her writings and poetry are featured in several collections, anthologies and publications around the globe including the American magazine Wild Fire, Save Africa Anthology. World Federation of Poets in Mexico. Ndeke is a Resident Contributor of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal.African Contributor to the DIFFERENT TRUTHS, a publication that sensitizes the world on the plight of Autism edited by Aridham Roy. SAVE AFRCA ANTHOLOGY edited by Prof. Dave Gretch of Canada and reviewed by Joseph Spence Jr has featured her poetry and a paper on issues afflicting Africa and Africans.  Ndeke’s poetry and other literatures in WILD FIRE PUBLICATION in America published by Susan Joyner Stumpf and Susan Brooke Langdon. ARCS MAGAZINE in New York Edited by DR. Anwer Ghani. Her women Arts Presentation was recently published by WOMEN OF ART (WOA) in Cape Coast in Ghana.  Soy Poesia, in Peru, Claudette V pg 11 featured her writings with great reception.AZAHAR from Mexico, with the initiative from Josep Juarez has also featured her poetry. She is also featured  in WORLD FESTIVAL OF POTRY (WFP) from Mexico under the able editorial team comprising Luz Maria Lopez .INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN WRITERS from Nigeria, under the able hands of Munyal Markus Manunyi .Patricia Amundsen from Australia featured her poetry on this year’s international women’s day at Messenger of Love, Radio Station. Esteemed poetess Jolly Bhattacharjee featured my works on her greatly acclaimed awareness anthology for 2019, India.


1. LOLA-LOGUE is a tittle published in Amazon in 2017. Its a series of short stories based on a family drama. 

2. Words in Motion is a poetry ebook also published on Amazon.

3. SOLIAMA LEGACY is a Novel . Also available on Amazon.

4. Musical Poesy is a children's poetry book, also available on Amazon.

5. May The Force Be With You,  is an anthology of poetry published in Nairobi in 2019, with contributions from around the world. Its a tribute to her late son. Its also available on Amazon.


Eden benibo Poet of the week 18th August


At birth I refused to cry 

Perhaps, still in shock of my kidNAP

From heaven to earth 

At three I was grown. 

Grown enough to be Mome's shock absorber,

Life electrocuted too

At five I learnt to fly

My heart  had lumps of dreams too thick to dissolve, 

Solid enough for take off 

At ten

I had become the sky 

A reflection of boundlessness untapped,

The dwelling of twinkling stars awake 

At fourteen I found myself trapped in me,

Beneath golden diamonds in poetry shapes. 

The stones were rolled away 

At twenty I could tickle the sun

Making her every move drench souls in sweetness.

The world was sad enough

At twenty two

I increased my volume,

Making hearts beat to the melodies of my being

Music had become me. 

When twenty five (and beyond)

I'll  still be me,

With that face,  the reflection of father's very image

I am memory encased in flesh and blood.

Do not call me human. Memories don't die

About Eden

Eden Benibo is a  Nigerian writer, story  teller and thought leader whose works revolve around positivity, as she believes  the world is sad enough. Therefore, requires a shift..
Her works, which began as an overflow of her childhoods days, have been published on various platforms including, The Evergreen Poetry Journal, New York, USA,The New England Poetry Anthology,The Kalahari Review, Libretto Magazine, Qwenu, amongst others.

Eden is a graduate of Mass Communication, University of Benin. She is currently a Content Writer at Etu Odi Communications, an Author at She Leads Africa,  and a Youth/Change Ambassador at Roundtable Global.

Aside from writing, reading and exploring her thoughts, she is also great at making people fall in love with poetry, become poets or the poem.


Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah poet of the week 12th August 2019

In Your Skin

To serenade you

Alas to dance to the tempo played 

By my heaving breath and the beat of your heart

Left - right, right - left

I wriggle right under your influence

Left in an airless dark space

Pressure over pleasure

Fighting feelings in a tight place

Left -right, right - left

I hit my head against walls

Left my "Noes" in the unknown

And gave my "Yeses" to you

Canned by you, I have no brand

My identity unmentioned

Tagged by you, I am bagged

My worth unpriced

Being influenced by your spell

I move

Left - right, right - left

Left bereft of any right

I wear you

I walk you

I speak you

I gave me no voice just to fit in your skin

I succumbed to your image

Basked in your shadow

"Look like this,

Fix your tresses like this,

Eat like that,

Your weight makes you disgusting"

I battled with my shadow to leave me

So I could become the shape of you

The circle you built for a square like me,

Chiselled and worn out just to fit in

Left - right, right - left

I am left afloat in a skyless globe

The sky could never be my limit

As I fight with confusion in my head

All the "wows" are not for me

All the applause - your achievement

Alas a slave's glory is for the master

In your sight I was a parasite but "No"

Like the tick in the fair you make me sick

So I will fight back every attack that led me astray

Here is to a soul vexed after being hexed by your influence

I will no longer cry in the rain for you

I will no longer hide my scars with make over

I will no longer mute my voice and let you control me

I will not let you place me on a shelf of no value

I will not let you surround and ground me

I will not let my head sink in the sea of who I am not

Where once deep inside you, my powers were cowered but now

I will wear me

I will talk  me

I will walk me

Out of your skin

To be positive

Influential, Sensational

Inspirational, Generational

To bloom on concrete floors

Win in terror stricken sand storms

To swim in high tides

To fly with the clouds 

And dance with my shadow

To standout if standing out of your skin is what it takes to walk my path

I will refill my wings with new feathers

And soar where eagles fly in my skin

And learn to cheer me on 

To Becoming Me.

About Joycelyn

Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah is a Ghanaian who has passion for children and youth development. She has a Master of Science degree in Project Management from the University of Southampton and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (HRM option) from Central University College and was

awarded Best Graduating Student -Human Resources year group with first  Class. She has made significant contributions to the lives of children, youtghs and orphans. She is also a musician and a passionate writer. She was recently awarded The Africa for Her Champion by the Young African and Leadership Initiative and the US Embassy. She is the founder and director of OLAF, One Life Aid Foundation , an NGO that works to execute the Sustainable Development  Goals. 

Nayram Afi kakraba Poet of the week 4th August



You are going to take my hands in yours,

Stare into my soul like it holds the answer to all your confusions

Tell me I am beautiful and intelligent and smart

You are going to try tell me how much you love me

But your words will cling to your vocal chords, threaten to strangle it

You are going to smile and tell me I am a fine girl

Then you are going to kiss the top of my head

But not today,

Today I will hold you close

Inhale your exhale

Smile at your smiles

Tell you I love you, I miss you, I want you

Today I empty my heart in to your laps

Wrap myself in your skin

Some day,

You are going to hug the breath out of my lungs

Wear despair on your face like left over regret

Tell me it is the hardest thing you ever had to do

You are going to try to tell me it is the right thing to do

But your words, they will conspire against you, put a villain costume on your heart

You are going to tell me I have a basket full of youth, magnetic enough to attract better

Then you are going to kiss my forehead

But not today,

Today I rub my face against your beard

Trace my finger tips across your chest

Imprint my heartbeat on your heartbeat

Tell you to take root in me, tell you loving you is like Jesus loving humanity, tell you about the future

Today I immortalise you

Today I am the space at the empty side of your bed


You are going to walk in my daddy's footprints

Shut your heart in my face

Tell me your heart still beats for me

You are going to try to tell me nothing has to change

But my heart, my heart will shatter at your feet

And you are going to try to remind me that I have the strength to hold the jagged pieces of my heart in palms and breathe wholeness in to it

And I will crumble into a heap like a pile of undone laundry

I will beg you to take my life

Take this enormously large broken heart with you

I will rue the dawn we first kissed

I will tell you I have been waiting for this, I have waited for this

Then you are going to kiss me good bye

But not today,

Today I let you in 

I come at your will 

Offer my desires as a burnt offering

Tell you you are beautiful

Today I love you

Foolishly, stupidly, recklessly, callously

Today I love you

Passionately, fieryly, sweetly, meekly

Today I love you

Enough to walk away!

- Nayram Kakraba


Nayram Afi Kakraba is a young poet, writer, and teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She Co founded 'Impact'- a drama group that seeks to make social change through theatre arts. She is also a partner in the NyansaPoetry Movement- a movement that seeks to create a global platform for Ghanaian poets to share their works. She loves good books, good music, good food and the beach.


Fredrick Worlanyo Awudey (Kweli) Poet of the week 29th July 2019

A Man Died Here

A man died here 

His body is gone 

His soul hovers to and fro 

Trying to make sense of his death 

There is a reminder of him though 

Yellow tape guards the last place he laid 

White chalk  draws an outline of his body 

Just as he was 

When he took his last breathe

Pretty soon his face will adorn 

T-shirts, wild stories will be told

To show who knew him the most 

Prayers will be offered up 

While liquor is poured out,

The holy ghost will be invoked 

To guide him home  

A sign of the cross will be made 

When his name is mentioned 




He wasn't particularly  loved 

He wasn't particularly hated 

He barely existed 

But on a weekend, in a church room 

Picked by a family who was never there 

He will be laid in state 

Friends he didn't know he had 

Will  tell other strangers

How close they were to him 

How tight their bond was 

They will shed tears 

But not from their heart 

Its just for show, 

Loud music will be played 

For his soul to dance to 

While it seeks a new abode 

On the other side, 

By 12,noon the  funeral 

Will become a party


Death is quite fashionable in these parts.

Saturdays are the culmination of fashion 

Week in these parts 

And Sundays,.... Sundays are the climax 

An orgasmic clash of colors 

Head wraps and 3 piece agbada 

We will make it to church 

Where we will check out what 

Each one is wearing, 

We will uuuh and Aaah

We will give fans and deride 

We will admire and scoff 

At what is worn by each and everyone 

By Sunday evening, 

The dead will be forgoten 

Except  by those who really cared 


Yes, death is in fashion in these parts 

Whenever she shows up, we throw a freaking party for her, we love putting the Fun in funeral 

- Kweli

About Kweli


Kweli is a spokenword artist and writer from Ghana, West Africa who just tries to write from the heart. Kweli started writing as a form of therapy to deal with depression and anger and pain and now try to use his writing to inspire others. Kweli has three singles out on SoundCloud. It is his dream to one day perfrom the perfect spokenword piece that will elicite smiles, laughter, tears and hope. 

Kweli is also a teacher who teaches at the high school level, he teaches Business Management and Government 

Is Kweli crazy? Most definitely,  is Kweli weird?  (wink wink), is Kweli dope? He's high on crack.  Lol.  Kweli is crazy, and sane at the same time, it's up to you to delve into the side you want to vibe with. 

Twitter : @Kweliwrites

Intsgram : @kweliwrites

Facebook : Kweli PenGod.

I Am Human by Kweli

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Jo Nketiah Poet of the week 19th - 29th july 2019

My Silence

I didn't tell you before. 

I wanted to. 

There are lapses in this story.

It is like a silhoutte. 

It is incomplete. 

It doesn't make sense. 

But it has a name. 

Some day when i tell you,

it will bring us back 

to where the story began 

and you will realise the lapses.

I give you my word.
For now, 

I give you my silence. 

- Jo Nketiah

About Jo

Jo Nketiah is Ghana's most prolific social media poet, commenting on our everyday life and asking real questions with unequalled bravery and sincerity in an uninhibited manner. 

Her creativity is refreshing and inspiring and very characteristic of a new generation of young African artists who are changing the world with their spoken word and other creative arts. 

Jo's poems are featured in Volume One of the Adinkra Series Funtunfunefu 'Synched' published in 2019 Edited by Dr G Tordzro. 


A reflection on the Book Launch of Funtunfunefu 'Synched' at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.